Geotextile is a permeable fabric that is employed in civil engineering applications. It is a permeable material that is used for filters, separators, protectors, and drains. Geotextile is produced by gluing and interlocking fibers with mechanical, chemical, thermal, solvent, or a combination of these methods. Geotextile offers excellent filtration, separation, and reinforcement properties which scale up the efficiency, performance, and lifespan of civil engineering projects. Our geotextiles are designed to properly distribute loads, prevent damage, and provide soil stabilization, erosion control, and drainage solutions.

We can provide customized solutions to meet specific project requirements with a range of geotextile types available. High-grade fibers and cutting-edge manufacturing processes are exercised to produce geotextile ensuring consistent quality and performance.


Our geotextile products can operate well in diverse environmental conditions since it is inert to biological and chemical degradation. Moreover, technical guidance and support are extended to assist with geotextile selection, design considerations, and installation techniques for optimal results. Our geotextiles offer affordable and long-lasting solutions for a range of civil engineering problems, whether they are utilized in road building, coastal protection, or other geotechnical applications.

It is our proud to represent three decades of experience manufacturing, supplying, and technically supporting geosynthetic, waterproofing, and civil engineering products for the Middle East, North Africa, and European markets.