Geogrid is a geosynthetic material used to reinforce soils, retaining walls, sub bases, and subsoils. High-strength, designed geogrids are utilized in civil engineering and construction projects for soil stabilization and reinforcement.

Our geogrids improve the stability and effectiveness of buildings and soil foundations by providing superior tensile strength and load distribution capabilities. PP geogrids that have been stretched, punctured, and extruded are ideal for applications that improve the ground. We provide solutions for diverse soil reinforcement demands, including retaining walls, slopes, and embankments, by supplying several geogrid types, such as uniaxial and biaxial geogrids, available.


Our geogrids are made from strong materials and put through a comprehensive testing process to assure their high quality, toughness, and long-term performance.Our geogrids provide affordable and long-lasting solutions for soil reinforcement and stability problems, whether they are utilized in road construction, railway embankments, or mining applications.

It is our proud to represent three decades of experience manufacturing, supplying, and technically supporting geosynthetic, waterproofing, and civil engineering products for the Middle East, North Africa, and European markets.