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Pro Mat Entrance Mat

A Comprehensive range of entrance mat, Aluminium Recessed type with 100% Neoprene Read More

Safety Products


Stair nosing profile made in Aluminium with an anti-skid rubber grooved or flat smooth insert. Read More

Flooring Accessories


Movement Joints must be installed in certain areas and positions to prevent tiles or grout Read More



We are specialists in design and application of Civil and Architectural Expansion Joints, as an Read More

SS Kick Plates

Building Protection System

Kick Plates and Wall Panels

Doors are relentlessly pushed, banged and kicked open. Don’t let heavy traffic lead to damage, keep your Read More

Bulding Protection System

Wall Guards / Corner Guards

We are specialists in design and application of all kind of wall protection systems, we can provide Read More

Perfects and protects the external sharp corners leaving a pleasant aesthetic finish to the wall. Read More

Parking Accessories

Rubber Parking Accessories

Perfect solution to avoid damage to vehicles and properties in car parks and public spaces. Protecting structures from vehicle damage and preventing vehicles from encroaching into pedestrian areas.

GI Lintels

Block Accessories

Metal Lintels

We are specialists in design and Manufacturing of various Metal Channels and Lintels Read More

Cable Management System

Cable Trays/ Trunking/ Cable Ladder

Best Industries fze is one of the leading manufacturer of Cable Management system in UAE. Read More

Advantages of Commercial Entrance Mats

• Reduces Dust due to foot by about 80%
• Scape off dust and Dirt from shoes, Absorbs Moisture
• Reduces Maintenance Cost/ Antislip for wet foot -Improved Safety
• Makes Entrance Beautiful
• kids friendly/ Old Age friendly/Wheelchair suitable

Entrance Mats


According to case studies as much as 80 percent of all the soil, dust, contaminants, and moisture entering a Building are brought in on the shoes of building users and visitors.
Regular tracking of dry soils into the building is a prime factor in the wearing of floors.
Not only common dirtbut, in the middle east region sand can pose a formidable cleaning problem and severely damage high-quality marble and tiles.

An engineered matting system that can reduce soil being tracked into a building has a great effect in reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.
Hard surface floors and carpets stay cleaner longer, without the need to mop, sweep, and vacuum as frequently.
Less soil walked in also means preventing dust and debris from being ground into floors, decreasing the need for scrubbing and refinishing to repair the damage and restore the floors.
Likewise, the requirements for periodic and complete carpet restoration are also minimized.


Stair nosing

Aluminum Stairnosing

The main purpose of a nosing is to improve the safety of the staircase.

It can help to reduce the occurrence of accidents from slips and falls.

Color contrast and Luminous Stair nosing comes with luminous strips embedded into Aluminium/PVC Profiles which allows people to recognize the edges of the step even if there is a power failure.

Nosing has anti-slip properties that give added protection to users in the stairways.

Stair nosing also Protects the step edges of wear and tear brings down the chances of falls and slips substantially

Stair Nosing

Anti Skid Stair Treads and Nosing

• Anti Slip – Improved Safety
• Protects stairs – Reduces Stair Edges wear & Tear
• Luminiscent / Color contrast – Improved Visibility
• Improved comfort for stair users

Advantages of Commercial Entrance Mats

• Controls movements in floor and safeguard it from cracks
• Improved flooring life
• Ease of installation
• Long life compared to other movement joint fillers like silicon
• Can be done as a decorative profiles for floor

Movement Joint

Control Joints / Floor Movement Joints

Movement Joints must be instal led in cer tain areas and
positions to prevent ti les or grout from cracking. . .and in
some cases prevent the ti les from tenting and becoming
deboned from the substrate. A movement joint is the
interruption of the sur face to al low for movement.


Wall and corner Protection

Wall Guards/ Corner Guards/ Handrails

The Wall Guards and corner Guards Protects the facility walls and corners.

It can help to reduce the occurrence of accidents from slips and falls.

Best Industries fze is specialized in manufacturing various wall protection systems from SS, Aluminum and PVC material.

Our range of Colors and designs do fulfills the contemporary project requirements


Advantages of Using Wall and corner Guards

• Safety for Users
• Protects building corners and walls
• Aesthetic look
• Sustainable solutions for Building

Advantages Parking Accessories

  • Durable and Sustainable solution for Parkings
  • Ease of Installation
  • Pleasant aesthetic
  • Ease of Maintenance and replacement
  • Environmental friendly

Parking Accessories

Wall Guards/ Speed Hump/ Corner Guards

Perfect solution to avoid damage to vehicles and
proper ties in car parks and public spaces. Protecting
structures from vehicle damage and preventing vehicles
from encroaching into pedestrian areas.


Metal Fabrication

Customized Solution for Architectural Requirements

Modern Building construction Industry is full of new ideas and Designs, Bringing Architects visions to the real life product is always a challenging task for contractors. Our team of experts works tirelessly to meet these requirements.

Working on innovative ideas we can offer a wide range of customised solutions for fabricated Metal decorative panels/ Decorative strips/ Unique surface finishes and special profiles.


Bespoke solutions

Some of our customized products

  • Floor Grates
  • Block Accessories
  • Marble Decorative Profiles
  • Bicycle Racks
  • Bollards
  • Ramps
  • Protection Barriers

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