By separating two dissimilar materials geotextiles (As a geosynthetic material)
maintain the integrity and improve the functioning of each layer.


The function that enables the geosynthetic material to provide an unimpeded liquid flow while preventing most of the soil particles from migrating through the plane of the Geosynthetic material (The Geotextile and drainage Geocomposites are
obvious examples).

Drainage (Transmissivity)

It is the function of the Geosynthetic product(s) that provide the drainage of water or gasses along its planers, perforated conduits, constant drain paths.


By distributing the axial loads to wider areas of the multi-layered soil grades using the interlocking system, the soil bearing capacity is increased by using Geotextile and/or Geogrids (As two geosynthetic materials) to extend the roads or embankments lifetime.


This function is achieved by enhancing the puncture resistance property. Geosynthetic products (such as Geotextile) are capable of protecting other Geosynthetic products (such as Geomembrane, for example) during the application process or throughout their lifetime.

Vapor / Moisture Barrier

It is performed by seamless Geosynthetic products like (Geomembrane, GCL, PVC, EPDM,  ..etc.) where they prevent vapor, water, and gases to cross the barrier’s planner to cause constructional hazards on the structures.


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