Geocells are three-dimensional honeycomb-like cellular. Our geocell is made of a material called high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or similar substances. These cells are connected. Then filled with things like soil or aggregate to make them strong and able to bear loads. Geocellis designed to protect slopes from erosion. It is used for load support, earth retention structures, and slope and channel protection, and it significantly enhances the performance of infill materials in these applications.

They’re convenient because they can be easily set up and filled right where they’re needed, providing a foundation that prevents soil erosion and adds stability to slopes. Increases the weight capacity for different construction projects, like roads, embankments, and retaining walls.


It offers a robust confinement system that raises the soil’s capacity for carrying loads and lowers soil erosion.
Geocell is a great choice for many applications because of its structural support, environmental sustainability, and affordability.

It is our proud to represent three decades of experience manufacturing, supplying, and technically supporting geosynthetic, waterproofing, and civil engineering products for the Middle East, North Africa, and European markets.