Geocomposites are multi-layered materials that blend several geosynthetic elements to provide improved performance and functionality. Our Geocomposites combine several geosyntheticcomponents to deliver tailored solutions for project requirements.

Geocomposites eliminate the need for numerous layers or materials by combining a variety of features, such as filtration, drainage, separation, and reinforcing, into a single product. Our Geocomposites are more effective in applications including landfill liners, drainage systems, and erosion control due to the integration of several geosynthetic components. Our Geocomposites are designed to optimize project efficiency and cost-effectiveness by providing multiple functions in a single solution.

High water drainage capability is a feature of Geocomposites. It retains its drainage capacity across a wide variety of compressive pressures due to its excellent compressive strength and creep resistance.

It is our proud to represent three decades of experience manufacturing, supplying, and technically supporting geosynthetic, waterproofing, and civil engineering products for the Middle East, North Africa, and European markets.