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Due to bidirectional heavy pedestrian traffic inwards and outwards, 80% of indoor pollution is formed by the dirt carried inside via the Entrances. Entrance matting systems with Scraper Carpet inserts scrapes, cleans the dirt transported by shoes , dries any moisture and retains within the mat. This helps in maintaining better Indoor Air Quality and helps to maintains look and finish of Floor tiling for longer life. BEST Recessed Aluminium Entrance Matting System – The “ProMat” range offers Dust and Moisture Barrier at entrances for every possible application. Indoor & Outdoor applications in Entrances with High traffic footfalls such as Malls, Hospitals, Banks, Schools, Bus & Metro Stations, Commercial & Residential buildings. Besides Retaining Dirt at entrance PROMAT adds to overall appearance by making the entrance look luxurious.
Best Industries is a leading Sharjah-based group focused on specialized building materials and construction-related materials like geo-synthetic textiles with its operations spread across UAE region and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).