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Best Industries FZE, Fabrication & Installation of structures and cable containments in Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel. Steel Steel cable trays are fabricated from continuous roll-formed structural quality steel. With roll-forming steel, the mechanical properties are increasingly allowing the use of a lighter gauge steel to carry the required load. This reduces the dead ports and the installers. The corrosion resistance of steel varies widely with coating and alloy.   Advantages: • Electric Shielding • Finish Options • Low Thermal Expansion • Limited Deflection   Aluminum Alum Read More


Pre Galvanized (Conforms  to BS 2989, Superseded by BS EN 10142:1991) Also termed as Mill Galvanized, Hot Dip Mill Galvanized or  Continuous Hot Dip Galvanized Pre-galvanized steel is produced by coating coils of sheet with zinc by continuously rolling the material through molten zinc at the mills. This is also known as mill galvanized or hot dip galvanized. These coils are slit to size and then fabricated by roll forming, shearing, punching or forming to produce pre-galvanized cable tray products. This finish is usually used in normal atmosphere pollutants. In contradiction of what many people think, it can also be used in the presence of moisture as the cable ladder or tray is protected from corrosion by two ways. During fabrication, Read More


1. Straight lengths of trays, ladders, covers and channel These shall be packed in bundles using adequate banding* and balanced at the centre. * It is recommended that where possible non-metallic banding is used in order to ovoid rust stains forming on galvanized products and contamination of stainless steel products. 
Where products of five metre lengths or above are packed in bundles, they shall be supported with a minimum of three timber bearers which provide sufficient clearance to accommodate the forks of a forklift truck. Bearers shall be spaced evenly along the length of the bundle. 
Bundles should be placed on a flat level surface with timber bearers. If bundles are stacked on top of one another they should be aligned verti Read More


Best Industries Cable Management system and stone management systems are to be installed under the supervision of Qualified engineers and technicians as per the approved engineering drawings,

When considering the installation of the cable supports system it is imperative to avoid the cutting or drilling of structural building members without the approval of the project leader on site. Cable ladders, cable trays and their supports should be strong enough to meet the load requirements of the cable management system including cables and any future cable additions and any other additional loads applied to the system. Support systems can be broken down into a number of elements or components. To design a safe system it is necess Read More


All metal surfaces are affected by corrosion. Depending on the physical properties of the metal and the environment to which it is exposed, chemical or electromechanical corrosion may occur.. Atmospheric Corrosion Atmospheric corrosion occurs when metal is exposed to airborne liquids, solids or gases. Chemical Corrosion Chemical corrosion takes place when metal comes in direct contact with a corrosive solution. Storage Corrosion Wet storage stain (White rust) is caused by the entrapment of moisture between surfaces of closely packed and poorly ventilated material for an extended period. Wet storage stain is usually superficial, having no affect on the propertie Read More


Under Construction Read More