Installation Guide

Best Industries Cable Management system and stone management systems are to be installed under the supervision of Qualified engineers and technicians as per the approved engineering drawings,

When considering the installation of the cable supports system it is imperative to avoid the cutting or drilling of structural building members without the approval of the project leader on site. Cable ladders, cable trays and their supports should be strong enough to meet the load requirements of the cable management system including cables and any future cable additions and any other additional loads applied to the system. Support systems can be broken down into a number of elements or components. To design a safe system it is necessary to check each element in turn to ensure:

• that it can safely support the loads being imposed upon it, and

• that the proposed fixings to adjacent components are also sufficient

• that any declared deflection limits are not exceeded.

At the safe working load, the maximum allowable deflection along the length is L/100, and the maximum allowable deflection across the width is W/20, based on load test measurements.